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Monday, 11 January 2016 01:51

10 New Year's Do's and Don'ts

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Happy 2016 everybody! 

Well, the looooong Holiday Season is over and we're all pretty much back to reality and back to our regular daily pace.

Here's my list of 10 things To Do and Not To Do in this new year to help boost and develop your peace of mind, serenity, balance and happiness.

1. DO - Enjoy more quality face to face time with good friends and family DON'T - keep looking down at your phone every time there's a short pause in conversation
2. DO - Take more hikes and nature walks DON'T - always rely on indoor treadmills and stationary bikes
3. DO - Go to bed earlier and experience the benefits quality slumber DON'T - bring your phone and electronic devices into bed with you
4. DO - Volunteer in your community for a worthwhile charitable cause DON'T - only just give money all the time to charity
5. DO - Meditate / practice mindfulness at least 3 times per week DON'T - Veg out in front of the TV every night
6. DO - Be humble, have gratitude and laugh at yourself DON'T - Take yourself so seriously
7. DO - Find something you enjoy like a hobby and do it regularly DON'T - Work and stress yourself to death
8. DO - Eat more fruits and vegetables DON'T - Eat large portions and processed foods
9. DO - Learn something new this year DON'T - think your too old to learn something new this year
10. DO - Keep reaching for your life's purpose and passion DON'T - get too comfortable and think you know it all


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Jack Witt

I'm a local Health and Fitness Coach and Active Travel Specialist. I've been kickin' around NoHo for years getting involved in our community and charity projects, helping people with their wellness goals, and organizing and leading active excursions throughout LA and the world. I love this community and really enjoy blogging about all the things we do together and tips to keep us fit!

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