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How to get rid of "Poochies"

fat knees poochies

Also known as "fatty knees", it's that fat pocket just above and/or slightly to the side of your knee cap where your quadricep (thigh) muscles end. It can keep you from wanting to wear shorts, skirts, and dresses as your knees look "bloated".

As I always point out, you can't spot reduce fat on your body, but doing some targeted exercises for the fatty area, along with a healthy diet and ample cardio will get the job done.

Perform these exercises for your "poochies" every other day. 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Partial Co-Contraction Lunges

1. Start in a lunge position (one leg forward, one leg back with feet flat on the floor).
2. Slowly lower your back leg until your knee touches the floor.
3. Place one hand on the "poochie" fat area (lower thigh muscle just on the inside of your knee).
Place other hand on the glute (butt cheek) of same leg.
4. Now raise your back knee one inch off the floor and you will feel the two muscles contract.
5. This is the starting position. Slowly raise yourself up by extending both legs all the time feeling for the tension in the 2 muscles. The second you lose tension(it likely will not be long) pause and then slowy return to starting position.
6. Repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Chair Sit

1. Start by standing in front of a chair or box.
2. Proceed to sit back with your hips as if you are going to sit in the chair.
3. Stay in control during the movement and go at your own pace.
4. To keep your balance at first extend your arms out in front of you as you squat. As you get stronger you can keep your arms at you side.
5. Repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Power Jacks

1. Start in a shoulder width stance with your knees slightly bent.
2. Jump up into the air and spread your legs out into a wide stance and land in this position.
3. Immediately proceed into a squat and then stand back up into a jump to land with both feet at a shoulder width stance.
4. Repeat this movement for the recommended repetitions.

As you are going along with your program, it is a good idea to periodically measure your body fat. Ask a personal fitness trainer to do this for you with a calipur using skinfold measurements, or a Body Fat monitor devise using the bioelectrical impedance method. Reducing your overall body fat is the best way to spot reduce those pesky fatty areas of your body. Recommended ranges for woman are 18%-25% and for guys 8%-15%.

Jack Witt, MS, CPT
Fitness and Health Coach
818-760-3891 Main
310-562-5629 Cell

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