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The One Thing That Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

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WWDMAGIC is the pillar of fashion trade shows. We have a few trade shows in Los Angeles but WWDMagic is THE one to go to.




It happens only twice a year and more than 60,000+ industry insiders meet (some of the top buyers for our favorite brands and department stores) in Las Vegas to shop the marketplace which covers the top men’s, women’s, juniors’ and children’s apparel and footwear. The hottest brands to the top designers in the industry showcase their latest trends.

WWDMagic used to be strictly a retail buying tradeshow but over the years it has evolved into a fashion industry event not to be missed.


So what should you except to find during WWDMAGIC week? Tons of runway shows, celeb designer appearances, expert panels, industry seminars and not to mention after parties, there’s a lot for the fashionista to take in. A few weeks ago PROJECT was held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center from August 17 to 19 and next year it will be held in February 2016. So why attend this show? Seminars!



One thing that doesn’t stay in Vegas is all the information you will gain about the fashion industry. There are so many seminars to attend if you’re trying to improve your own business profits, or to improve your negotiating skills, and also some fun ones about fashion trends.


Whether you’re a business owner, student, blogger, fashion junkie or you just really enjoy shopping and want to be the first one to see what’s coming to your nearest retail store, I would research and consider attending WWDMAGIC. Before I forget, another perk about attending the weekend show is that you’re in Las Vegas! So after you take care of business why not a little play.

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Vanessa Campos

Vanessa Campos is a 23 year old living in Los Angeles and an inspiring entrepreneur. She is fascinated by the world of business and marketing in Fashion. When she’s not out with friends or family she is working as an assistant where she is gaining major entrepreneur skills. Vanessa is a current student at The Art Institute of California – Hollywood where she is enrolled in the Fashion Marketing and Management Bachelor’s program. Vanessa loves to share her ideas and fashion tips to anyone who is as interested as she is, so come along and enjoy her new journey !

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