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Tuesday, 02 October 2018 03:02

September Monthly Shoe and Beauty Favorites

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 Welcome to my first ever monthly favorites post! 

September is over and with that, so is summer. September was insanely busy for me, but to get some order into the chaos, I have taken it upon myself to pick out some items that brought, and still bring, warmth to my heart in the cold months.


  • Jeffree Campbell Red Platform Boots

red platform boots

Where do I even begin? I bought them during the winter and now I got to bring them out again in September and you have no idea how happy I was to be able to wear them again. In the wintertime, I always wear all-black with strong red accents: a red purse, belt, scarf, hat, gloves, and yes: boots. It's just a look I cannot seem to get enough of. I feel like it's a great contrast between minimalism and maximalism. The black helps bring out the red, but also somehow evens out the boldness of it.

As I bought them almost a year ago, I couldn't even find a link to them anymore, sorry about that… But look at how pretty they are (although surprisingly comfortable)!

  • ALDO Leopard Print Shoes

leopard heels

Okay, Mia, we got it: you love leopard, a leopard print and heels, enough... Okay, but first, JUST LOOK AT THEM!

In my last post, I discussed my affection for the print. I passed by ALDO just a couple of days after my leopard print post was published and saw shoes so amazing that my brain couldn't fathom how perfect they were. Half of my remaining paycheck totally didn't go on buying them… Come on, how could I not!? Not only is the inside leopard, so is the bottom!!! I've been wearing them nonstop with every imaginable outfit and will be doing so until my toes cannot take the cold anymore (open shoes do not work in Estonian winter). Might be one of my favorite purchases ever. They make me feel so dainty and I can easily dress up any look with them.

So what can I cay? Shoes really do me really happy; they pep up my mood in gross pre-winter weather and make my life sunny again…


  • MAC ''Oh, Darling!'' - Highlighter

mac makeup

This highlighter has been in my makeup collection for quite awhile, but this month, I have seen myself grabbing for it a lot more than usual. I had this highlighter years ago as it was part of MAC's limited edition Christmas line. I went through it and was heartbroken. Now, a couple of months back, I found out that they have brought it to their permanent line and just had to buy it. I love it: it is the perfect true gold highlighter. The trick that I do with this is that I take a small chunk of the pressed powder, smash it up, put it inside a setting spray and shake the bottle. This creates a gorgeous dewy setting spray that gives you the most beautiful luminous glow from within. It hides how dull my face is from the lack of sun. You can try this with any highlighter, it's amazing!

  • JOY by Dior - Fragrance

joy dior

Oh, does this bring me JOY! I got it as a gift and it came at such a perfect time, as I had just run out of every single perfume I owned: even the old Britney Spears one that had accompanied all of my purses since 2015.

I love perfumes. I've had a signature scent for every season since I was 11/12. My summer one always stays the same: D&G Light Blue, but I always switch out the other ones. This one is going to be ''the one'' for the next couple of months for sure.

JOY by Dior is a beautiful floral scent. It has just the right amount of fresh and just the right amount of sweet. Notes of citrus fruits are present, slightly musky, wooden hints also come through. ''A fragrance facetted with a thousand nuances and facets, yet always crystal-clear.'' This is what the Dior website says about it and I completely agree. The only thing I wish was different about the fragrance is the wear-time, it does not particularly stand out for the longevity of it, but I carry perfume around with me, so it doesn't really matter that much to me. Go check the perfume out at a beauty store: it just smells really nice, clean and flowery.

  • Blue Nails

blue nail polish trend fall 2018

Have you ever been at the salon choosing between getting the pastel pink or the candy apple red, but all of a sudden you spot a random color, which is just calling your name? Well, this happened to me again this month with dark blue. I am pretty conservative when it comes to what color I get my nails done. The crazy colors never match with my outfits and I always have to make an effort to make it work. Surprisingly, this beautiful deep blue has been so good to me. It goes great with red and black (as I said before, that's all I wear this season). I just haven't gotten my eyes off them the whole month. How do you feel about the color?

This brings me to the end of the post. Should I keep doing monthly favorites? I loved thinking about the smaller things in life that bring me joy.

What would be your picks for the month of September?

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I’m Mia and I came to L.A. to pursue my passions in the arts.  I love fashion, acting, drag, makeup and everything in between. Check out my instagram @miaestonia

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