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Into Fall with Leopard Print

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''A tiger- or leopard-print outfit and a cocktail are always a sure start to a fun evening'' is what Venetia Scott, the fashion director of British Vogue said

Animal prints are IN this fall.

Maximalism in fashion is back in full force. With that, bright colors, rhinestones, and yes, animal prints can be seen on the runways more than in any recent years. ''More is more'' is my fashion mantra that I will never ever stop stressing. Hence why I am so glad that wearing my favorite ''color'' of leopard print is socially acceptable this season. I could go into the long history of leopard print on past and present runways, but I will keep that for another time.

All animal prints should be celebrated equally, although, you guessed it, my personal favorite will always be a nice rich leopard print; to me it just oothes daintiness and femininity. It is easy to label it as tacky, but I feel like everyone should give it a fresh chance.

Leopard is easier to wear than one might expect. I consider leopard a neutral, as it has hints of both black and brown, which makes it easily compatible with most outfits. That aside, leopard's best friend is still black: it simply helps it bring the pattern out the most.

animal print fall fashion 2018 1

Even though, yes, I personally feel like I could wear head-to-toe leopard print 24/7, I know that not everyone is on the same wave-length on that one with me. For that reason, when putting together a list of beautiful leopard print items I thought you should check out for inspiration, I decided to narrow down to just outerwear, shoes and bags- items that work more as accent pieces; have more versatility and a longer run than, for example, a blouse or dress.

All the pieces below are great staple items that you absolutely cannot go wrong with. And remember Black + Leopard = Key to Success.

3 animal print coat




4 animal print jacket

Urban Renewal Vintage Remnants Leopard Pint Jacket ($68.00)

5 animal print shoes

Steve Madden DAISIE-L Pumps ($99.95)

6 animal print boots

Steve Madden EDITOR-L Booties ($54.99)


Steve Madden FEATHER-L Flats ($89.95)

8 animal print bag

Steve Madden BLINDY Handbag in Leopard ($88.00)

9 animal print bag

Anthropologie Circular Leopard Print Crossbody Bag ($118.00)

And remember: in the end the answer to most fashion searches is a vintage/thrift store. I bet you, that the best animal/leopard print pieces you could find are hidden right in your local thrift store.

How do you feel about wearing leopard print? Do you find it tacky or terrific?

After writing this, I personally, for the first time, feel a bit dizzy from looking at the print...

Until next time!

xo Mia Estonia

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