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Thursday, 17 May 2018 01:26

The staple pair of high-heels that are worth the splurge

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Alright, every fashion lover has “their thing.” My thing happens to be shoes.

I’m a hoarder. I hoard clothes, I hoard makeup, I hoard pretty much everything, but more than anything, I hoard shoes, especially heels. Heels that to most look completely unpractical.

I blame my beautiful mother for this one. I got my love of heels from her. As a kid, there weren’t a lot of days where I would see her without her heels and everyone knows her for her amazing taste in shoes.

I grew up in the competitive ballroom dance scene and started wearing heels at a very young age, so I never really had that awkward phase of wearing heels for the first time at an event and falling face down on the dinner table.

 All of that being said, I do feel like I have some credibility to talk about heels.

 As much as I love finding a good $10 pair of shoes, shoes (as well as handbags) are still the things that are always worth investing in.

A pair of high-end heels is a safer investment than investing in the risky stock market.

Here is my pick for the one pair of high-end heels that every shoe lover has to own.

Yes, the red bottom…This is a no-brainer for fashionistas. I am the biggest lover of Christian Louboutin and his designs.

The French designer has worked his designs into fashion history for eternity. The signature red bottoms of the shoes make them stand out in a crowd of boring heels. The model that I find to be of the biggest use and that could hold its value the best is the Pigalle. They definitely aren’t the most comfortable pair of shoes, but as Christian Louboutin himself has said: “I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, ‘Oh my god! They look so comfortable!’” The most popular colours are black and nude, although they have a big variety of colors and designs for the same model. They do run pricey, $675, but again, these are an investment like no other when it comes to heels and will serve you like no other pair of heels could at any birthday, dinner party, or other events that may come up.

Would you ever consider buying these? What is “your thing” in fashion?



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