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Monday, 12 March 2018 01:46

Importance of the leather jacket AKA no trench coats in LA

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When I moved to LA this August, the only clothes I had narrowed down to pack with me -  mind you, it was still in two huge suitcases - were non-existent summery clothes, such as sundresses, crop tops and skirts.

This seemed totally rational to me as there are, on average, 284 sunny days per year in Los Angeles, California.  

Well, as it turned out, it does get pretty chilly here as well, especially during the night and in the morning, which makes dressing for the whole day a tad bit more complicated. It's very smart to layer: in the morning it might be freezing if you are wearing anything less than three layers, but then as the day goes on, you are down to your t-shirt and it's still  totally warm.

A clothing item that was completely useless back in Estonia for most of the year, as it really does not provide real warmth, is a complete essential here: a good (faux) leather jacket. That paired with either a hoodie, or if you want to be really fancy, a sweater, is the perfect combo for autumn/winter/spring wear in SoCal. A leather jacket truly works here all year round (during the nighttime in the summertime) and it goes with absolutely everything from dresses and heels to sportswear.

Street style is very sporty casual in LA. Instead of ankle boots, you'd see sneakers; instead of trench coats you'd see leather jackets; and instead of turtleneck sweaters, you'd see oversized hoodies. (strong generalization)

To my surprise, I have not seen a single a single trench coat (or a coat for that matter in general) on the streets. Not in any part of the town. For 90% of the readers this is an absolute no-brainer, but to me, it was not, as for the first time in my life, I'm wearing hoodies on a daily basis with zero guilt. This still makes no sense to me, as I truly feel like most of LA ''coldish'' weather is truly the perfect ''trench coat weather,'' but to each their own.

Still, let's please bring trench coats back in Los Angeles, trust me, they are the best: pretty & functional!


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I’m Mia and I came to L.A. to pursue my passions in the arts.  I love fashion, acting, drag, makeup and everything in between. Check out my instagram @miaestonia

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