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NIKKI LIPSTICK: The Internet Fashion Empress

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When starting this blog, my biggest wish was to interview as many creators of my favorite brands and inspiring people in the fashion world as possible.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I am bringing to you an exclusive interview with an internet fashion mogul Nikki Lipstick, a designer, seamstress, entrepreneur and fellow fashionista. Nikki runs the online clothing line NIKKI LIPSTICK that has gained her a lot of recognition in the online community. She is known for her beautiful pastel-toned, unique fashion creations that are perfect for Valentine's Day, upcoming spring, and honestly any other time of the year. Nevertheless, she does love contrast and is not only known for her pastel fashion. Girly, fluffy, baby pink items next to more gothic, darker-themed ones are always to be seen in her collections. Everything she sells she creates at the ''lipstick factory'' in Southern California. Every order is hand altered and made to order. She has created everything from shoes to dresses to pasties to sweatshirts and doesn't plan on stopping there.

nikki lipstick 2

With 250K followers on Instagram and 210K followers on Twitter, this beauty knows how fashion, business and social media work. The female-owned and run business NIKKI LIPSTICK is a perfect example of how in the 21st century, it is possible to be known all over the world for your creations and run an ethical fashion business right from your own home, just as long as you work hard and dare to dream.

nikki lipstick 3

When, how and why did you start your own brand? Where did the name NIKKI LIPSTICK come from?

This is a forever evolving dream that I've had as far back as I can remember, that blossomed online and worldwide in real life circa 2009-2011.

With one dollar and a dream, I started making pasties by hand, and from there on I pushed and learned to develop/manufacture anything I could dream about and all that ethically and in-house in the US California. I took a chance on everything I believed in and have worked by hand to build it all...From the heart, from the start.

The reason why I started my own brand was that it was so necessary to have a girl owned/operated independent designer brand in current pop culture/subculture.

The name NIKKI LIPSTICK was born on MySpace, because I was originally a makeup artist and everybody loves lipstick, so I thought, that’s it that’s me!

I took a chance on everything I believed in and have worked by hand to build it all...from the heart, from the start.

Tell us a little bit how fashion influenced your life.

Fashion IS my life. It's my freedom, It's my passion, my art. It's my gift, my expression, my individuality, my identity. It's my past, present, future, my history. It's everything I dream about, and who I am. It had raised and taught me.

Fashion has guided me, given me patience and discipline, and the determination that I can do anything I dream about.

What would you consider to be your breakthrough moment on social media? What's the importance of social media for you and your brand?

Breakthrough moment on social media was definitely when the glitter cross pasties hit tumblr and a new ''burn your bra'' era was born… I'll never forget that revolution.

nikki lipstick 4

The importance of social media… it's the only place where personality takes the cake and I love interacting with everyone and we are like a family... We laugh together, cry together, look cute together. You know, #DOLLCULT, we're family.

So I remember you telling me that you recently taught yourself to sew. What drove you to that and how has that changed your brand and your outlook on its future?

Yes, I retaught myself to sew. I learned as a child but didn't have the patience until now to really study it. I want this for real, I want the real deal. I I have a respect and love for couture fashion and sewing is the first step so here I am… I took the ambitious goal of making in-house couture, because it was time I had done tees and accessories, shoes for almost a decade and now i want more, I want it all… I want to see ALL my dreams come to life and now I have the skills to make it happen.

Reteaching myself how to sew changed everything. I have even more respect for all of the seamstresses and laborers actually making clothing that's made in factories and worn in the US. Everything you wear is made by someone's hands and I just hope people take the time to appreciate that.

What are your top three favorite items in your line?

  • Velvet ruffle set

nikki lipstick 5

nikki lipstick 6

  • Brat Collection

nikki lipstick 7

  • Tiaras (coming soon)

What advice would you give to somebody with dreams in the fashion industry, for example someone starting an indie clothing brand online?

Keep your day job; if you have one, consider yourself lucky. Yes, it's a huge blessing to build a dream, but it is a lot more work than you can ever think about, it has to be something you can't live without true love… Follow your OWN dream, be authentic in your ambitions and creativity… BE YOURSELF!" 

Even though we have readers from all over the world, a large portion of them are located in sunny Los Angeles. What is your relationship with Los Angeles?

I love LA, because LA loved me… It is where NIKKILIPSTICK was born; where I could rat my hair and no one would care, you know? I love the classic Hollywood glitz and glamour and the starlette HOLLYWOOD dream like Angelyne.

Where can people find you on social media?

Everything @nikkilipstick & NIKKILIPSTICK.COM

Is there anything else you'd like to highlight, for example the future of the brand and you?

The future... I'll be traveling the world to launch the new collection this year and also our spring fling party on March 23rd at Glitter Death (Clothing store in Hollywood: 1443 N Highland Ave). I plan on continuing to follow the dreams wherever they take me, there are so many secrets planned and I just can't wait to share and I just hope to inspire babes to believe in themselves… just keep glowing!

The future is bright…PINK.


 Nikki puts so much love and effort into everything she does and spreads love along all channels of life, empowers other young women.

 It was an absoulute pleasure for me to interview and get to know someone who inspires me on such high level and is an inspiration to many fashion-loving babes all over the world.

If you want to meet Nikki in person and are in the LA area, you can catch her, as mentioned above, at the spring fling party on March 23rd at Glitter Death (Clothing store in Hollywood: 1443 N Highland Ave), where she will have her new collection on display and available for purchase.

Shop the brand online on: https://www.nikkilipstick.com/ and follow her and the brand on social media @nikkilipstick

Do you have any other questions for Nikki? And who would you like me to interview next, do you already have any questions for them? Leave that in the comments below and I'll see you again in March!  



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I’m Mia and I came to L.A. to pursue my passions in the arts.  I love fashion, acting, drag, makeup and everything in between. Check out my instagram @miaestonia

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