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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 00:58

There’s a buzz in the air…and it's fashion.

Written by Adam Montelongo
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There’s a buzz in the air…and it's fashion.

A mere two weeks has already passed by since the Ai Fashion Show Spotlight, and there continues to be talk about who loved which collection and what’s going to happen next.

Not too long after the show, June 10th, finals rolled on by the following week and the portfolio show and graduation were just other things to worry but also excited. With all these events happening one after another, I’m going to give you the behind the scene scoop on Spotlight with the amazing Fashion Show Production Class, the Best Over All Collection winner, and what’s going to happen next for this lucky designer!

My alarm just went off, it's 8am, and I’m already thinking about Starbucks to get me through another fashion show. I remember the production crew was going to be there at 9am for set-up with leader Christy Sahagun, but 10am sounded just right for me. Grabbing my venti ice coffee and heading to the rooftop of the parking structure, I can see two panels being put up with these go-getter ladies and a party rental company putting up the backstage tent. I already started getting flashbacks from last year’s show "Ai Does Hollywood." Nina Rockstedt
Tatiana Hankins, Savannah Diaz, Yesenia Mantilla, Alexis Nogueda and Winnie Chang were all under the scorching sun putting these tall wooden panels together for an ombre white to cream effect. It was a sight to see with the Valley hills in the background.

fashion ai
Left to right: Alexis Nogueda, Miriam Barrera, Adam Montelongo, Yanell Capilla, Omar Ramirez, and Instructor/Club Advisor Julia Szkiba.

I’m starting to get texts and calls from the talent team, being led by Sydne Abraham and with her team Amanda Rondeau, Mariah Lynch, Bethany Moreno and Mercedes Preston. And let me tell you, they’ve had their work cut out for them with over four model castings and last minute hair and make-up findings but they were beyond professional and dedicated. Sydne and I and the team, started to rally up the models and beauty talent on the 3rd floor to get this show going. Oh, and might I add we had about 40 models to get ready! Time was very precious for the team because two walkthroughs had to get done before the actual show to happen.

While the talent team was getting the models together for the first walkthrough; the Fashion Styling class led by Faculty Instructor Sarah Holmes, who’s always poised and fabulous might I add were getting looks ready for the show. This class partners with the Fashion Show Production class every year to help prep model looks, accessorize, and dress models day of event. Silvia Alcala, Ruby Leon, Ashley Bowens, Jasmine Tijerna, Tyren Paige, Fabiola Nuno, Liza Liaghat and Jiayimeng Shen have all put in some serious work leading up to the show and day of backstage.

fashion ai 2

While these teams were hustling around the campus and rooftop, there were guest lists to be updated, food to be set-up for the show and attention to detail touch ups to be done. The marketing and fundraiser teams were on it from the beginning of the quarter to end, and such tasks included weekly fundraisers to help produce the show, spreading the word out at school and publicly, and the show pamphlet to show, and a thank you to everybody’s help and work! Savannah Rico, Tamia Mathis, Rheling Wei made up the committed marketing team and Rudy Cardoso, Jazmine Williams, Katia Ricario, Philip Wan and Trevor Howell were the diligent fundraising team. I can definitely tell you check-in was no joke day of, you almost thought it was a wait for Disneyland ride!

With all the chaotic preparation happening with the Fashion Show Production class, it all came to the designers to do their final finishings, trims, cuts, and attention to detail. The hardworking designers led by faculty iInstructor Kristina Krpekyan were: Nazeli Zeynalyn, Monique Charlie Petrossia, Terkarra Williams, Josh Maahs, Margaret-Marie Gallagher, Ahylin Thao, Jose Ramos, Melanie Huerta, Oscar Perez, Alena Sablan, Shante Faria De Sa, Malik Vivian, Elsie Delgado and Patrick Kevin Francisco. Some senior designers and others still in their academic career, but all were finally getting ready for Spotlight.

The show was a hit! Judges, family, friends, students, instructors and locals were all extremely pleased and amazed on the fashion show. Just like last year the Judges picked three winners for different categories: Jose Ramos Best Marketable Showcase, Alina Sablan Best Artistic and Creative Showcase, and Patrick Kevin Francisco Overall Best Fashion Show Presentation. With all shows there comes and end, but for Patrick winning and getting a membership to FBI (Fashion Business Incorporated), this was the only beginning.

I had the pleasure to interview Patrick Kevin Francisco, winner, graduate, and even Best Portfolio Presentation:

Q. What was your inspiration behind the Siamese Beta fighting fish collection?

A. “The fighting fish moves gracefully and they have amazing scales. The collection was inspired by that. It's all about the movement and the textures.”

Q. Were there any obstacles you had to face during the 10 weeks?

A. “Yes, the goal was to do 12 looks or more but unfortunately I also have two other classes (general capstone and portfolio II) so i have to cut down my looks to seven.”

Q. Having some experience showcasing already, how were you day of the event?

A. I was really nervous but I was prepared that day. I was excited to see my whole collection.

Q. How did you feel after winning Best Collection and a FBI membership? And Best Portfolio now?

A. “Honestly it was unexpected, I did not join the fashion show with a mindset that it's a competition and I have to win because it's just going to pressure me. Also based on an experience from last year, I expected too much and I did not get the title. I’m excited about the FBI membership I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Best portfolio show was another unexpected award. I really thought I'm not going to get it because it's not just the fashion department I’m competing with but all majors in school. “

Q. So what is next for Patrick Kevin Francisco?

A. “I really have no clue on what's next for me. I think I need to take a vacation I want to go back to my Motherland (Philippines) I think I'm going to study again. I want to study overseas.”

fashion ai 3
Patrick Kevin Francisco- Overall Best Fashion Presentation

While the buzz settles down from Spotlight and summer vacation starts for the rest of the students, we have to wait another year for the infamous Ai fashion show to wow us again!

Written by
Adam Montelongo
Art Institute Hollywood Fashion Club President

Photo credit Isabel K. Szkiba

Art Institute (Ai) Fashion Club at the Hollywood campus located in the heart of the NoHo Arts District has a mission to share, explore, and inspire creativity in an engaging, fabulous and fashionable way! A fairly new club, only just starting two quarters ago has already taken off in the right direction helping produce fashion shows, panel discussions, and being involved in everything fashion inside and out of the L.A. scene.


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