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Friday, 24 January 2014 02:05

Fashion - Journey of a Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

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About Diane: One of the most respected fashion designers during the 1970s until now. Famous for creating the wrapped dress during the 70s which came to symbolize a sort of empowerment and independence for women that were starting to enter to work field during this era. DVF brand has expanded to a full women’s ready to wear collection including, handbags, shoes, accessories, and home goods. DVF is sold around the world, including 85 DVF stores.

About Journey of the Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg first designed a simple dress, wrapped in front and tied at the waist in the 70s when women joined the work field for the first time. This dress was made of dry-dip cotton jersey fabric and produced in many prints and vivid colors. It was comfortable and practical, and DVF sold over 5 million wrapped dresses. Women felt empowered and independent, many used them for job interviews and to dinner after the office. In 2014 the DVF wrapped dress turned 40 and Diane brought it back for public view in this fantastic two room exhibition that consists of dresses and art salon filled with self-portraits. Now showing through April 1st at LACMA, hashtag #JOURNEYOFADRESS on Instagram, pick up a print at the DVF shop and don’t forget admission is free!

Timeline: As you enter you’ll find yourself in a visual timeline with bright pink walls covered in magazine covers and portraits of celebrity icons dressed by DVF such as Madonna, Hilton sisters, supermodel Iman and our first lady Michelle Obama.



Exhibition: The set design is incredible, floors and walls are coherent with the prints on the dresses. Dresses are divided into five different displays according to the fabric design and inspiration. A. Black and White…the ultimate canvas for color! B. Felinity…one letter away from femininity! C. Nature…endless source of strength and inspiration! D. Pop…smile and fly! E. Geometric…when math meets doodle!





Art Salon: DVF self-portraits and celebrity icons.




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Vanessa Campos

Vanessa Campos is a 23 year old living in Los Angeles and an inspiring entrepreneur. She is fascinated by the world of business and marketing in Fashion. When she’s not out with friends or family she is working as an assistant where she is gaining major entrepreneur skills. Vanessa is a current student at The Art Institute of California – Hollywood where she is enrolled in the Fashion Marketing and Management Bachelor’s program. Vanessa loves to share her ideas and fashion tips to anyone who is as interested as she is, so come along and enjoy her new journey !

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