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by Raleigh Barrett
Friday, 17 May 2013 08:52

Fashion >> CSUN TRENDS Takes Audience into “A Fashion Wonderland”

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California State University club, TRENDS and Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, gave the audience a clear vision of students designs “Through the Looking Glass” of “A Fashion Wonderland” on April 27.

With the collaboration between TRENDS, student fashion organization and Appeal Design and Merchandising, fashion show production class, the creative minds showcased 16 seniors graduating handmade designs on the runway of TRENDS 34th annual fashion show “Through the Looking Glass: A Fashion Wonderland”. The edgy twist of Alice and Wonderland themed show, not only displayed CSUNs artwork; audience experienced a live contest judged by seven employers who currently work in the fashion industry. Designer’s competed for an opportunity to have their pieces displayed in Sherman oaks, Bloomingdales.

According to the president of TRENDS Danae Vartanian, students have been planning for more than 10 weeks, since the beginning of the spring semester. The show was fully produced by students. Students were divided into groups, each team focused on a certain aspect of the show such as budgeting, casting models, and decorations. Designers had been working on their collection in a short period time as a final project. The president of TRENDS expresses how guests from the past show were shocked to see what students can create.

“You will expect to see something you wouldn’t expect from students. It looks like professional clothes you expect really nicely sown, nicely constructed garments, they really put a lot of time into their line, it really shows. You’ll see the whole concept and theme of each designer line,” said 21-year-old Vartanian.

dancers.png - 203.17 Kb

More than 600 people step into the University Student Northridge Center with the imagination of falling into “the rabbit hole”; from the VIP room decorated as the “mad tea -party” scene where guest ate cupcakes and sip on tea, to an appearance of a sexy feminine version of Chester, the Cheshire cat and lobby filled with playing cards. Opening the fashion show, CSUN Hip Hop performed a dance to a “mad hatter mix” as dancers were dressed in costumes resembling the Tarrant high top. The show began as Chester presented each apparel design students collections, which insist of five to six different looks on the runway. There were variety selections of casual wear, evening gowns, and Avant-grade fashion.

3rdplace.png - 539.89 Kb 3rdplace2.png - 547.04 Kb

Landing in third place, Emil Sleman, was inspired by the French word “Oubli”, meaning forgetting. Through his designs told a story of a woman who suffered from temporary memory lost. The lady is battling between living in the world without her past sorrow memories or coexisting with them in order to “feel life full force”. Sleman creations insist of Satin Rosette fabric that appeared on high-low train and collar dress including mermaid gowns. The senior took home prizes such as a sewing machine and designer accessory kit.

2ndplace.png - 274.64 Kb 2ndplace2.png - 432.45 Kb

The collection of “Dark Love” designed by Roia Noor won second place. Her art was dark and mysterious due to her elegant, slick black dresses that hit the runway. Noor’s garments lighten up the room from the sparkles in her artwork. Each piece had a touch of bling from embroidery details of crystals on headwear, broach belted coat, and shoulder pads. Noor received a sewing machine, mannequins and more.

1stplace.png - 643.81 Kb 2ndplace2.png - 432.45 Kb

The queen of hearts, Amparo Vasquez stole the show winning first place. Vasquez unique collection “Earthbound” is self-explanatory. Members in the audience gasped as her extravagant pampas grass floor length dress enter the runway. The artist created a purse made from gumdrop tree balls, and a dress where she used tree bark that appeared to be branching off from the design. Neutral colors were distributed all over this collection with muster yellow, browns, and maroons. Her vision of “Earthbound” was to capture moments between changes in nature.

“Change is something that is not permitted and that’s beauty,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez won the chance to display her garments in Sherman oaks, Bloomindales for 3 days. The date has not been announced.

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Jhanelle Rivera

Jhanelle Rivera lives and breathes in the world of fashion. She adores the rococo time period culture. This Fashionista enjoys watching fashion shows to spot out the latest trends. She attended the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising summer program at the age of 16 to gain knowledge on how to produce a runway show and fashion journalism. Jhanelle created a non-profit organization called Strike-A-Pose. Strike-A-Pose holds networking events and celebrity fashions shows to raise money for epilepsy and lung cancer. Jhanelle now attends Los Angeles Valley College where she writes for the campus News Paper, Valley Star and is also an on air-personality on 95.1 KVCM.


Fashion Photographer, Jahsaudi Perkins:
I am the photographer for Los Angeles Valley College Newspaper. I’m originally from Oakland, California. I moved out here two years ago to attend college for cinematography. Although I’m still majoring in Cinema I also have a passion in photo journalism. Equipped with a 35 mm SLR camera I would often go to different neighborhoods taking photos of people and thing find interesting. I love capturing people’s lives and finding new stories. I have experience with 35 mm film SLR cameras as well as the latest Digital SLR's. I am able to work alongside a writer and am able to work independently as well.

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