Monday, 11 July 2016 12:07

The Power of Deciding

The Power of Deciding

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Dear Readers,

Have you been challenged in any of these areas: managing your mind, thoughts, and feelings; or taking care of your body; or reconnecting with your true nature of awareness, wisdom, power, and love? Are you ready and willing to move more fully and successfully into the actions of your purpose, work, love, overall healing, and the miracles of life?

Thursday, 19 January 2012 08:16

Are You Saying 'No' or 'Yes' To Your Life?

Dear Maddisen,
I really like the guy I'm dating, but there is something bothering me that I just can't put my finger on. The only way I can describe it to you is it feels like he says 'no' a lot. We can never have a conversation that flows. He rejects ideas, and it feels like he's not listening. What is going on? Thanks, TS

Dear Maddisen,
I’m a midlifer, divorced, with 50% custody of two great teenagers, and in the dating circuit. I’m on a few dating websites, which at times keeps me busy, but most of all keeps me a bit boggled and confused. Why do I get the distinct impression that I’m attracting women who have my mother’s undesirable traits? Any sagely advice? Thanks, RB

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