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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 02:48

Seeking Sanity in the Midst of Madness

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Dear AC,

I am depressed and don’t know how to stop feeling bad.  I see so much madness, sadness, suffering and pain in the world around me, but there doesn’t seem to be enough that I can do to help.

I want to give up and let somebody else save humanity.  The problems keep growing rather than improving, what with people being killed while worshipping, or celebrating, and black men, women and children being killed at the hands of those who are to protect and serve, climate change, overt corruption in politics and divisiveness, diseases caused by the foods we eat, family dysfunction, babies taken from their parents at the borders, and on and on, it’s so overwhelming. 

I read many of your articles.  “Somebody should do something” - your call to arms spoke to me most. I proudly am one of those people who is trying to do something that will make a positive impact.  But I’m tired and afraid that I will lose my sanity and join the ranks of the ambivalent and callous.  If I stop who will fill my spot?  I think I’m too small to be making a difference.  How do I go on?

-Battle Weary

Dear Battle Weary,

Yes, I understand.  I read and hear the reports of atrocities and am painfully aware that doing nothing begets acceptance of the worst characteristics of inhumanity.  That which we hold dear and assume to be inalienable love, goodness, integrity and humanity appear to be at war with hate, evil, deception and inequality, worldwide. 

All wars require soldiers!  You are a soldier!  In addition to a cause, soldiers need rest and relaxation (R&R).  R&R and rotation in and out of the front lines.  It’s critical in avoiding battle weary stress.  The military knows this.  Battle soldiers are rotated in and out of the front lines as well as being provided leave.  In corporate America, businesses give employees vacation.  We need to chill out.

I recommend that you chill out, turn off without guilt!  After all, you are working to make a better world for yourself and others.  Enjoy the good in the world.  Do both yourself, the battle, and those who love you a favor by taking the time to rest and rejuvenate.  

Consider some kind of rotation.  Split your time equally between battle and some less stressful function.  A hobby perhaps, paint, knit, photography, something that will bring you pleasure and maybe a more immediate result. 

Celebrate the small victories!  Look around and appreciate that which is good and wonderous!  Spread joy!  AND Fight the Good Fight.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” 

― The Dalai Lama

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AC is an East Coast transplant who became rooted in the SFV.  “Yup”, AC said “I found a place in North Hollywood years ago, and though I’ve traveled the world over this is the place I call home.  Well, also Massachusetts because that’s where I was born.  I think of  Hawaii as my second home, but I don’t own property there so maybe I can’t count that.  I was going to say Paris, at first cause I am very comfortable there, but then, you know I’m American and I don’t want to be too pompous.  So, yeah, I guess the San Fernando Valley is home.”

A street scholar, majoring in hard knocks and common sense, AC, attended night school receiving a high school diploma.  With a thirst for knowledge, AC continued education included many, many on line courses and seminars from selling beets at your local farmers market and how to shuck clams to Introduction to wine.

AC has been offering advice to everyone, whether they ask for it or not.  At times AC’s advice has been met with animosity and physical threats.  None the less AC preservers.   “It’s my calling” says AC, who urges readers to send in their confounding queries; “If you want advice (in the words of the 45th President), ‘what do you have to lose’, Ask AC?”

What makes AC’s columns unique is that it feels like you are getting advice from a friend, a person you can rely on for lively, no-nonsense feedback.  Ask AC is the best advice columnist by a Los Angeles mile."

AC resides in North Hollywood has two children, is an animal lover and has an active social life.  An adventure sport enthusiast, writer, performer, corporate baby, and community volunteer.  AC devotes time to family, community and in the service of others.  

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