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Ask AC - Jealousy in a Relationship

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Dear AC,

I am going crazy!  My girlfriend's cheating on me, but I can’t prove it. 

We started off as friends when I moved into her place after she broke up with her boyfriend two years ago.  He was a Bruins football player and I’m a med student.  We couldn’t be more different.   

I confess, I’ve followed her, checked her social media and haven’t found anything yet.  I’ve asked her to tell me the truth but she says I’m being jealous for no reason.  I think I’m losing her.  I can’t shake the feeling, it’s driving me crazy.  I have so much on my mind already I don’t need this.  What should I do?

Going girl crazy.

Dear Girl Crazy,

Grow up and get over yourself.  There is nothing less attractive than a jealous man.  If you want to live into a self-fulfilling prophecy continue to do what you’re doing.  If she’s not trustworthy, cut bait.

Are you familiar with the story about the dog on the railroad tracks? 

A dog is walking alongside railroad tracks when a train roared by so close that it cut off the dog’s tail.  The dog searched high and low for the tail, sniffing around the railroad track.  So engrossed in the search the dog didn’t hear a train coming from the opposite direction which hits him and takes off his head.

The moral of this story - Don’t lose your head over a little tail.  

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