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Thursday, 15 February 2018 01:59

Why do Blacks need a month to celebrate?

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Why do Blacks need a month to celebrate?  It seems like a waste to me.  I mean we know that black people were slaves and that black people were given a raw deal.  That was a long time ago. What do they want? 

What I don’t understand is why have a whole month to celebrate how bad blacks were treated in America?


Dear Confused,

Black History month is an opportunity for acknowledgment of the passed-over historical contributions made by people in this country who to this day are considered a "they" rather than "we"

The question “What do they want?” in and of itself is divisive.  You see using “they” sets apart we and us from they and them.  Does that make sense?  They/we want respect, acceptance, opportunity, access to education, peaceful existence, freedom, protection from persecution, to participate fully without discourse in the American way of life.  You know… what we all want for ourselves, family and loved ones. 

We must all experience Black History month as part of the missing history of America.  Throughout school, we were not taught the history of America that was inclusive of all the people who make up this country nor about the abuses put upon others.   This propaganda, brain washing, of our children and we as adults, is truly a white washing of American history.  This makes sense, of course, because history is written by the conquerors.  Americans, however, want to rise above being just conquerors because we choose to believe we are better than that.

We need to acknowledge the abuse and murder of the indigenous people, Africans, Mexicans, the internment of Japanese, the shipping and enslavement of Irish, the discrimination against Italian immigrants, the list goes on.  America is a country with the blood of many ethnicities on its hands.  By using “the end justifies the means” as a pass is not what we were raised to believe America stands for.  We are ready and able to take the good with the bad.

In order to shed light on how this great country grew from a seedling to a mega power, albeit at the expense of the immigrant forefathers who came before us, we all benefit from acknowledging their contributions, despite adversity. 

So to your question, black people are well aware of the atrocities of slavery and bigotry in America.  Black History month is not designed to dredge up the ugliness against blacks.  Black history month, is not for blacks alone.  Black History month is for all Americans acknowledging the ability of humans to contribute to the American landscape despite deplorable circumstances. 

Black History month is a celebration of the American spirit.

Click on links below for additional information:

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Italian immigrants - Others

Genocide of Indigenous Americans

Japanese concentration/internment camps

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