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Someone should do something!  Something about war, racism, and homelessness, stop poverty, hunger, and end rape. 

Do something about man’s inhumanity to one another, bullying, animal cruelty, sexism, violence, and mental health.

Someone should do something to protect the environment, stop the polluting of the atmosphere and the poisoning the earth.  Someone should do something about corporate greed and the dwindling middle class. Someone should do something about the financial and insurance industries' controls.  Someone should do something about the problems of the world.

You’re not alone, I agree someone should do something.  

Some feel very deeply about the problems of the world; some folks get a lump in the throat and/or shed tears.  In our hearts and minds, someone bigger than ourselves, more capable, and competent will do something sooner or later.    

So while waiting for someone to come along, focus may turn to religion and God with prayers offered and meditation.  Desktop activists take stands from behind keyboards with requests to like post share or # to let someone know that they are not alone.  Monies are donated to charitable organization so that someone will use the funds for the greater good.  Still, the efforts aren’t enough.   

When will someone step up?  Great question!  Hmmm, you’re someone, right?  Why aren’t you stepping up?  You’re the one, you’re someone.  We need you.  The world needs more than your heartfelt empathy, it needs action.  Today!  Now!  “If not now, then when?  If not you, then who?’ - John F. Kennedy

As a species, extending ourselves for the purpose of good is a powerful and driving force for our survival. 

I am confident that you are the someone who can make a positive difference.  Even though you may hear an internal voice that says it’s all too big for me, and think it may not be easy, it will be worth it.  Nothing can resist the will of the good in people.  You can and must do something. 


Thank you.

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