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Friday, 15 September 2017 01:05

I'm Not a Racist

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I'm not a racist

Dear AC:

People have been accusing me of being a racist ever since I voted for Trump.  I voted for him because he’s a businessman who can help improve our economy, create jobs, keep our borders safe from terrorists and people who enter our country illegally and take jobs from Americans.   What does any of that have to do with being a racist?  I am so sick and tired of being judged based on how I voted.  This is so unfair!  He’s our president.  What do I have to do to prove I am not a racist?

-Not a racist!

Dear Not a Racist:

No one can know what’s in your heart.  Voting for Trump in and of itself is not a racist act. However, perception is 90 percent of reality.

Okay look, racism doesn’t “necessarily” imply hatred.  Racism can be subtle; for instance, complimenting a black person for being articulate, or an ethnic looking person for speaking English well is racism! The reason it’s racism is because it demonstrates an expectation of the opposite.  Imagine being complimented for not being a cross burner.  Insulting, right?

These are sensitive times, filled with fear.  The killing of Heather Heyer sounded an alarm that openly bigoted fanaticism is a part of our landscape.  We have struck a Faustian bargain on the promise of jobs, safe borders, and removal of terrorists. But at what costs? 

Endorsement of Trump by white supremacists and racists are grabbing headlines.  Inflammatory tweets and offensive comments have divided Americans.  Supporters of Trump have cast aspersions on their character by association.  You’re right it isn’t fair, neither is racism.  Both are divisive.

 In answer to “What can I do to prove I’m not a racist?”; I say accept and acknowledge it.  Think of it as a twelve-step program, the first step is admitting that there is racism. Listen to the racism within you. As the song from Avenue Q says, “Everyone’s a bit racist.” It’s true.    

Once we take the opportunity to recognize racism we’re able to fight and speak out against it.  I commend you for being concerned about how you’re being perceived and wanting to disassociate yourself.  I hope you’ll be able to make a difference in the fight against the negativity and hatred of racism.

Did that help?

Here are a few links you will find interesting.

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  3. Statue of Liberty Sonnet...  Give me your..
  4. Is America the Greatest Country - News Room - Aaron Sorkin


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Ask AC

Got a question? AskAC.nohoartsdistrict@gmail.com

AC is an East Coast transplant who became rooted in the SFV.  “Yup”, AC said “I found a place in North Hollywood years ago, and though I’ve traveled the world over this is the place I call home.  Well, also Massachusetts because that’s where I was born.  I think of  Hawaii as my second home, but I don’t own property there so maybe I can’t count that.  I was going to say Paris, at first cause I am very comfortable there, but then, you know I’m American and I don’t want to be too pompous.  So, yeah, I guess the San Fernando Valley is home.”

A street scholar, majoring in hard knocks and common sense, AC, attended night school receiving a high school diploma.  With a thirst for knowledge, AC continued education included many, many on line courses and seminars from selling beets at your local farmers market and how to shuck clams to Introduction to wine.

AC has been offering advice to everyone, whether they ask for it or not.  At times AC’s advice has been met with animosity and physical threats.  None the less AC preservers.   “It’s my calling” says AC, who urges readers to send in their confounding queries; “If you want advice (in the words of the 45th President), ‘what do you have to lose’, Ask AC?”

What makes AC’s columns unique is that it feels like you are getting advice from a friend, a person you can rely on for lively, no-nonsense feedback.  Ask AC is the best advice columnist by a Los Angeles mile."

AC resides in North Hollywood has two children, is an animal lover and has an active social life.  An adventure sport enthusiast, writer, performer, corporate baby, and community volunteer.  AC devotes time to family, community and in the service of others.  

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  • Comment Link Mariluz Sunday, 17 September 2017 12:29 posted by Mariluz

    I did not want to say it, but I have to , "My dear non racist, the way you express yourself in the commentary says it all. For example, saying that " your president try to protect and keep our borders safe from terrorists" Is racist. Why? Because all those who cross the border are NOT terrorist so you believe that because a person is an immigrant is a terrorist? I'll tell you that Everyone in this country is an immigrant, except the native of America, so I will ask you "Are you and your family terrorists? because you are also immigrants, no matter what is your skin color, everybody came to USA from another country carrying their religion, dance, music, art, with them all of this components called culture are now part of North America.
    When you say that "people who enter our country illegally and take jobs from Americans. " WHAT JOBS are you referring to? Have you ever seen in USA a white person cleaning a house to get money? Have you ever seen a white person in USA selling tamales in the street, or hamburger? or have you seen in USA a white person working on construction? Are you looking for a job as a maid? I can help you with that. There is a lot of maid work now as they are deporting the people who do it. So I will answer your question about If your way of thinking about this matter make you a racist? YES, YOU ARE VERY RACIST.


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