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Angel Card Reading

Tuesday, 31 July 2018 22:17

Angel Card Reading

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Introducing our monthly intuitive Angel Readings with Angel intuitive Annmari Love!

Please choose a card for the month ahead. 

Close your eyes, meditate or say a prayer and choose the card that speaks to you. 1, 2 or 3? 

If you chose Card 1

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Ego Archangel Jophiel 15 The angels want you to know that the entrapment you’re feeling isn’t real.

This card indicates that a lot of your feelings are stemming from anxieties that aren’t based in reality. So, give your fears to God and the angels, and ask for their help in adopting a more positive perspective on this situation.

This card also indicates that you’re focused upon the material things in life. Heaven acknowledges that you, like everyone, have physical needs. However, your attention to the accumulation of possessions is out of balance. Reassess why you want to acquire these items. Perhaps you’re trying to fill an emotional void, which material objects could never do. What you’re really craving is inner peace through a spiritual path.

Additional meanings of this card: Refusal to face the truth or to take personal responsibility for the situation. Addictions. Temptations. Dependency. Excessive debt. Jophiel is the archangel who helps us experience beautiful emotions and think beautiful thoughts. Call upon Jophiel whenever you need a boost in how you feel about yourself, your life, and the world.

If you chose Card 2  

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Eight of Earth Your heart is in your work or studies.

You’ve committed to learning about your career, vocation, or project. You’re definitely on the right track. Your dedication, skill, and talents are appreciated and will soon be rewarded. Still, there’s more to learn. Consider taking classes related to your interests or profession. A serious commitment to study or research is now called for. It may be time to go back to school.

Additional meanings of this card: Craftsmanship. Apprenticeship. Diligence. Attention to detail.

 If you chose Card 3

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Knight of Water Emotional, Romantic, Enthusiastic, Contemplative Situations:

Deep emotions arising from situations or relationships impact your life. Falling in love or a wedding proposal is possible. You (or someone close to you) need to balance your emotions, lest you become overwhelmed. You may receive invitations to parties or other social opportunities. People: An extremely emotional person who’s driven by a love of romance, art, and beauty. Someone who is charming, contemplative, and idealistic. Sensitive. Romantic. Imaginative. Enthusiastic. Refined. Moody.

Additional meanings of this card: Someone you can talk to. A dreamer. A flirt. Past-life connections. Melodrama.

Comment below if your card resonates with you. 

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  • Comment Link Carol M Thursday, 02 August 2018 02:57 posted by Carol M

    I chose number 2 and it's so relevant to me at this time. I too looked at the other cards and they do not resonate with me at all. Thank you. I'll check back each month.

  • Comment Link Bella Bianconi Wednesday, 01 August 2018 17:43 posted by Bella Bianconi

    I decided to say a prayer and the number came to me quickly. I read the information under my card number and was shocked how right it was for me to hear. Still being a little cynical I looked at the definitions for the other 2 cards and nothing applied to me. I am looking forward to the next card next month!!!!

  • Comment Link samantha Wednesday, 01 August 2018 11:41 posted by samantha

    This is wonderful!!!


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